1D7X3C Cable and Antennae Defense Operations, Cable and Antennae Operations

1D7X3C is the Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) for Cable and Antenna Operations. Cable and Antenna Operations involve: Installing, maintaining, and modifying cable and antenna systems Climbing antenna support structures and wooden poles to various heights for maintenance Interpreting technical data to work on cable and antenna systems Planning, organizing, and directing all cable and antenna support activities Descend into underground vaults to affect repairs, alignments, or performance checks Monitoring and analyzing performance of underground, buried, and aerial cable and antenna networks Other tasks include: Locating and tracing buried cable Locating and tracing leaks in pressurized cable system Performing operational checks and preventive maintenance inspections Establishing connections that are clear and secure at all times from anywhere in the world Using critical thinking to locate problems and configure solutions to any communication error quickly and effectively

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