3E6X1 Operations Management

The 3E6X1 AFSC, known as Operations Management within the Civil Engineer (CE) career field, plays a crucial role in the Air Force by activating and managing CE command and control centers during peacetime, wartime, and contingency operations. These specialists ensure the effective processing and control of work requirements and manage material acquisitions for work performed by CE workforces. They maintain accountability of crucial resources, including equipment, personnel, Class IV materials, and facilities, supporting the mission readiness and operational capabilities of Air Force installations.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Command and Control: Establishes and manages CE command and control centers, ensuring effective communication and coordination during various operational phases.
  • Customer Service: Implements and manages customer satisfaction programs, responds to inquiries, and ensures customer needs are met efficiently.
  • Work Order Management: Processes, controls, and manages work requirements, ensuring work is accomplished according to priority and within legal or agreement constraints.
  • Resource Management: Maintains accountability and oversees the allocation of resources such as equipment, personnel, and materials necessary for CE operations.
  • Quality Assurance: Evaluates work activities, inspection findings, and manages quality assessment evaluations to ensure compliance with policies and standards.
  • Material Acquisition: Manages Civil Engineer Material Acquisition processes, including the storage, receiving, and requisitioning of Class IV construction materials.

Training and Qualifications:

  • Tech School: A course ranging from 28 to 43 days at Sheppard AFB provides foundational skills in operations management, command and control operations, and material management.
  • Education: High school completion with courses in mathematics and English composition is mandatory. Additional coursework in accounting, typing, and computer operations is desirable.
  • Experience: Progression within the AFSC involves gaining experience in managing work orders, customer service, resource allocation, and material acquisition processes.

Specialty Qualifications:

  • Knowledge: Proficiency in CE policies, operations practices, and supply procedures is essential, along with skills in information management systems and workforce management.
  • Skills: Ability to speak clearly and manage complex tasks efficiently, with a focus on ensuring the effective operation of CE functions and resource management.

Operations Management personnel ensure the Air Force’s infrastructure and resources are optimally managed and maintained, supporting the overall mission and operational readiness of Air Force installations worldwide.

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