3E7X1 Fire Protection

The 3E7X1 AFSC, Fire Protection, is responsible for safeguarding people, property, and the environment from fires and disasters. Here’s an overview of their duties, requirements, and specialty qualifications:

What does a 3E7X1 do?

  • Protects people, property, and the environment from fires and disasters.
  • Provides fire prevention, firefighting, rescue, and hazardous material response services.

Tech School Duration and Location:

  • Tech School: 68 days at Goodfellow AFB.
  • CCAF: Fire Science.

Duty Badge:

  • Civil Engineer Badge with Fire Protection Shield.


  • Male: 97.8%
  • Female: 2.2%


  • ASVAB: General - 57
  • Strength: 100 lbs
  • No record of pyrophobia, acrophobia, or claustrophobia.
  • Ability to speak distinctly.
  • Normal color vision.
  • Routine access to Secret material or similar environment.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Planning, organizing, and directing all fire protection activities.
  • Analyzing fire protection operations, identifying trends and problems, and implementing corrective measures.
  • Providing fire protection guidance and coordinating support agreements and pre-incident plans.
  • Conducting training on specialized equipment and procedures.
  • Inspecting and maintaining fire protection vehicles, equipment, and protective clothing.
  • Conducting fire prevention activities, including project reviews, inspections, and public awareness training.
  • Controlling and extinguishing various types of fires, including aircraft, structural, wildland, and hazardous material fires.
  • Conducting search and rescue operations and administering emergency first aid.

Specialty Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of fire department mission and organization, fire behavior, fire alarm systems, firefighting techniques, hazardous materials, fire prevention, and more.
  • Education: Completion of high school with courses in chemistry, general science, and mathematics is desirable.
  • Training: Completion of a basic fire protection specialist course is mandatory.
  • Experience: Progression through different levels of experience involving operating firefighting equipment, performing rescues, and managing fire protection functions.

Fire Protection specialists play a critical role in ensuring the safety and security of Air Force installations, personnel, and resources in the event of fires and emergencies.

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