3F4X1 Equal Opportunity


The 3F4X1 Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) encompasses personnel who perform, supervise, and manage equal opportunity (EO) and human relations education (HRE) programs. Their responsibilities include planning, organizing, and directing EO and HRE activities, providing advice and consultation to commanders and supervisors, advising military and civilian personnel on EO responsibilities and policies, conducting administrative functions to support EO programs, and assessing the installation human relations climate.

Tech School:

  • Duration and Location: Unknown.
  • CCAF: Human Services.

Duty Badge:

  • Force Support Badge.


  • Male: 63.4%
  • Female: 36.6%


  • ASVAB: Administrative: 41 or General: 44.
  • Strength: 40 lbs.
  • Completion of a 15 duty-day observation period with the local EO office (AFRC personnel, 4 UTA’s/ANG interview for the position), and recommendation summarizing observance activities in accordance with AFI 36-2706, Equal Opportunity Program, Military and Civilian.
  • Minimum grade E-5 or E-5 select with less than 12 years of total military service (ANG minimum grade E-5 or E-5 select with no more than 16 years of service).
  • Ability to speak distinctly and communicate effectively, both written and verbal.
  • Outstanding appearance, high moral standards, and exceptional military bearing and conduct.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Plan, organize, and direct EO and HRE activities, develop EO and related HRE programs, and enhance the Air Force mission by promoting an environment of equity, dignity, and respect.
  • Advise military and civilian personnel on EO responsibilities, policies, and programs, provide information and guidance on preventing or eliminating conditions negatively impacting mission readiness, and conduct administrative functions to support EO programs.
  • Perform administrative functions such as preparing reports, analyzing statistics, conducting complaint clarifications, identifying equal opportunity and human relations issues, preparing news media articles, and maintaining historical data files.
  • Prepare lesson plans and support material for HRE, conduct briefings, lectures, group discussions, focus groups, and seminars, evaluate EO education program activities, and direct the assessment of the installation human relations climate.
  • Assist commanders and directors to resolve conditions impacting operations and mission effectiveness, emphasize areas potentially undermining readiness posture and human relations climate, and identify and prevent actual and potential complaints and incidents.

Specialty Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of laws, principles, policies, and procedures for administering Air Force EO programs, regulations and procedures of other government and civilian agencies administering EO services, EO education and instruction programs, interviewing and counseling techniques, alternate dispute resolution techniques, and preparing and maintaining military and civilian personnel case files and records.
  • Education: Completion of college courses in English, social science, psychology, sociology, human resources and behavior, organizational development, and speech are desirable.
  • Training: Completion of the Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute (DEOMI), Equal Opportunity Advisor Program (EOAP), or the Equal Opportunity Advisor Reserve Component Course (EOARCC) is mandatory.
  • Experience: Progression through different levels of experience involving qualification in previous AFSC and experience performing or supervising functions related to organizing and administering EO programs and instructing on EO and human relations issues.

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