15 Transportation and Aviation

The 15 series MOS in the Army is related to aviation and transportation. The Army Aviation Center trains new recruits to join the 15 series MOS.

The 15 series MOS includes 18 MOSs, which are separated into two major sections: aviation maintenance and aviation OPS. The MOSs include: 15B Aircraft Powerplant Repairer 15D Aircraft Powertrain Repairer 15E Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer 15F Aircraft Electrician 15G Aircraft Structural Repairer 15H Aircraft Pneudraulics Repairer 15J OH-58D Armament Electrical Avionics Systems Repairer 15M MQ-1 Repairer

The 15 series MOS includes jobs that involve operating, repairing, and maintaining manned and unmanned aircraft.

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