46 Public Affairs

MOS 46, also known as the Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 46 in the United States military, is related to Public Affairs. The Public Affairs MOS encompasses a variety of roles and responsibilities related to communication, media relations, and information dissemination within the military.

Here are some key aspects of MOS 46 - Public Affairs:

  1. Media Relations: Public Affairs specialists are responsible for managing the relationship between the military and the media. This involves facilitating interviews, press conferences, and other interactions between military personnel and journalists.

  2. Information Dissemination: They play a critical role in ensuring that accurate and timely information is shared with the public and within the military. This includes writing news releases, creating content for websites and social media, and producing newsletters.

  3. Crisis Communication: During emergencies or crisis situations, Public Affairs personnel are essential in managing communication to the public and addressing questions and concerns. They help maintain transparency and provide updates as necessary.

  4. Community Engagement: Public Affairs specialists often engage with local communities to build positive relationships and increase public understanding of military operations. They may coordinate events, public outreach programs, and community partnerships.

  5. Internal Communication: In addition to external communication, Public Affairs specialists work on internal communication efforts within the military. They help ensure that all military personnel are informed about important updates and events.

  6. Visual Documentation: Some Public Affairs specialists may have skills in photography or videography to document military operations and events for both internal and external use.

  7. Training: Training in journalism, public relations, and communication is crucial for individuals in this MOS to effectively carry out their duties.

  8. Clearance: Depending on the specific duties and responsibilities within the MOS, individuals may require security clearances to handle sensitive information.

It’s important to note that the specifics of the MOS may vary depending on the branch of the military (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard) and the rank of the individual. Public Affairs specialists in the military play a vital role in maintaining transparency, building public support, and ensuring that accurate information is shared with the public and military personnel.

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