72 Preventive Medicine Science

The Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) FA 72 is Preventive Medicine Science. This MOS provides medical services to the Army Medical Department and the Army.

Assignments include: Medical TDA and TOE units Medical research Serving as medical staff officers on major command staffs

Preventive Medicine Specialists are a major contributor to keeping the Army healthy and preventing the spread of infection and disease. They conduct laboratory tests to monitor the spread of bacteria, keep health records, and survey and track conditions for potential risks.

Preventive Medicine Officers supervise and provide direct patient care. They recommend methods to improve overall wellness, and implement programs to maintain health, improve fitness, and prevent disease or injury.

The Preventive Medicine Sciences FA includes: 72A Nuclear Medical Science 72B Entomology 72C Audiology 72D Environmental Science and Engineering

MOSs often change over time as soldiers gain new competencies and are promoted.

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