92 Quartermaster Corps

MOS 92 is a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) code used in the United States Army to designate positions within the Quartermaster Corps. The Quartermaster Corps is responsible for providing logistical support to the Army, including managing supplies, equipment, and various other logistical functions. Soldiers with MOS 92 may work in a variety of roles within this corps, depending on their specific training and job assignments. Here are some possible roles within the Quartermaster Corps associated with MOS 92:

  1. 92A - Automated Logistical Specialist: These specialists are responsible for managing and maintaining automated supply systems. They handle various aspects of supply and inventory management, including ordering, receiving, and distributing supplies and equipment. They also use computer systems to track and manage inventory.

  2. 92F - Petroleum Supply Specialist: Soldiers in this MOS are responsible for receiving, storing, and distributing petroleum-based products. They ensure that fuel and other petroleum supplies are available to support Army operations.

  3. 92G - Food Service Specialist: Food Service Specialists are responsible for preparing and serving meals to soldiers. They work in dining facilities on military bases and ensure that soldiers receive nutritious and well-balanced meals.

  4. 92L - Petroleum Laboratory Specialist: These specialists work in petroleum testing laboratories. They conduct tests to ensure the quality and safety of petroleum products used by the military.

  5. 92M - Mortuary Affairs Specialist: Soldiers in this MOS are responsible for the dignified and proper handling of deceased military personnel. They work to ensure the deceased are prepared for burial with the utmost respect and in accordance with military regulations.

  6. 92R - Parachute Rigger: Parachute riggers are responsible for the maintenance, repair, and packing of parachutes used by the Army. They ensure that parachutes are in excellent condition and ready for use in airborne operations.

  7. 92W - Water Treatment Specialist: Water Treatment Specialists are responsible for operating and maintaining water treatment equipment. They ensure that the Army has a safe and reliable supply of potable water.

  8. 92Y - Unit Supply Specialist: Unit Supply Specialists manage the supply and logistics operations at the unit level. They are responsible for ordering, receiving, and distributing supplies and equipment to support their assigned unit.

These are just a few examples of the various roles within the Quartermaster Corps covered by MOS 92. Each of these roles plays a crucial part in ensuring that the Army has the resources it needs to carry out its missions effectively. Soldiers in these positions receive specialized training to excel in their specific roles within the Quartermaster Corps.

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