AG Aerographer's Mate

Aerographer’s Mates (AG) are the Navy’s meteorological and oceanographic experts. They collect, measure, and analyze data from the physical environment, including land, sea, air, and space. They use this data to produce forecasts and warnings to support flight safety.

AGs are trained in meteorology and physical oceanography. They learn to use instruments to monitor weather characteristics such as air pressure, temperature, humidity, wind speed, and direction.

AGs also prepare and present briefings on the environmental impacts of military operations. To become an AG, applicants should: Have an interest in aviation and working with aircraft Be interested in weather systems Have basic skills in arithmetic, speaking, writing, and record keeping Have normal color perception

AGs must complete 8 weeks of Navy Basic Recruit Training at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center in North Chicago, Illinois. They then develop a working knowledge of meteorological observation, recording, and equipment. They work toward qualifying as environmental observers and prepare for advanced training through “C” School.

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