RP Religious Program Specialist

Religious program specialists (RPs) are a rating in the United States Navy. They assist naval chaplains in their duties and support them in developing programs to meet the needs of Navy sailors, Marines, and their families. RPs also serve as armed bodyguards for Navy chaplains.

RPs perform functions that do not require ordination or pastoral counseling.

They: Support the Professional Naval Chaplaincy (PNC) Support the provision and facilitation of Religious Ministry (RM) Support the care of Navy and Marine Corps personnel and their families of all faith groups Advise leadership on program planning and execution Support the Command

To become an RP, you must: Attend Boot Camp in Great Lakes, IL Attend the RP rating’s Class “A” School in Fort Jackson, South Carolina for two months Attend a five-week Marine Combat Training “C” School held at Camp LeJeune, North Carolina

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