Staff Corps Designators

Staff Corps Designators are four-digit codes that identify the primary naval specialty qualifications of officers in the United States Navy. The first digit of the designator indicates the officer’s community, and the second and third digits indicate the officer’s area of specialization within the community. The fourth digit indicates the officer’s current type of commission1

The Staff Corps Designators are those that start with the digit 2, which indicates that the officer belongs to one of the eight staff corps in the Navy. The staff corps are: Medical Corps, Dental Corps, Nurse Corps, Medical Service Corps, Supply Corps, Chaplain Corps, Civil Engineer Corps, and Judge Advocate General’s Corps23

The second and third digits of the Staff Corps Designators vary depending on the specific staff corps. For example, the Medical Corps has designators ranging from 2100 to 2199, while the Dental Corps has designators ranging from 2200 to 2299. The fourth digit of the Staff Corps Designators indicates whether the officer is a regular officer (0), a reserve officer (5), or a full-time support officer (7)1

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