38S Civil Affairs Officer Special Operations

The 38S MOS is a Civil Affairs Officer in the Army’s Special Operations. 38S officers are experts in commanding and employing CA individuals, teams, and units. They are capable of conducting Civil Affairs Operations in hostile, denied, or diplomatically and/or politically sensitive environments.

38S officers must be able to: Command and employ CA individuals, teams, and units Conduct Civil Affairs Operations across the entire continuum of conflict Conduct operations under conditions of ambiguity and hyper-lethality

The 95th Civil Affairs Brigade and its five subordinate battalions are stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. This unit is rapidly deployable and only supports the Army Special Operations Command.

When choosing an MOS, you should consider the requirements for each MOS, including ASVAB scores and medical restrictions. You can cross off MOSs that you are not eligible for and narrow down your list to your top three to five choices.

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