NCR Navy Counselor (Recruiter)

NCR stands for Navy Counselor (Recruiter). NCRs develop and implement recruiting plans, analyze market trends, and supervise recruiting activities.

They also: Supervise and coordinate marketing, prospecting, interviewing, processing, classification, and onboarding activities Provide guidance on recruiting qualified individuals for the United States Navy

To become an NCR, you must: Serve at least four years in the Navy and achieve the rank of E-5 or above Apply for the Navy Recruiter School, which is a six-week training program Have a thorough knowledge of the Navy organization, including personnel and administrative procedures and policies Have familiarity with shipboard life Have first-hand knowledge of varied aspects of Navy life and duties Have a high level of leadership

NCRs must be second class petty officers or above. They are not open to first-term enlistees.

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