5I2X1C Signals Intelligence Analyst, Communications

A Signals Intelligence Analyst (SIA) in the Air Force collects, exploits, and analyzes signals, electronic, non-communication, and communication intelligence production activities. They support electronic warfare and information operations technologies operations. SIAs examine and analyze foreign communications and activity to find intelligence. They relay this critical information to senior leaders by producing strategic and tactical reports based on their analysis. SIAs use sophisticated equipment to: Assess the military’s aerospace vulnerability Detect any trace of communication spying and exploitation by adversaries Intercept, identify, and analyze information between hostile forces Decide where information came from and whether or not it poses a threat To become a SIA, you need: A high school diploma or GED certificate Completion of the Electronic Signals Intelligence course Civilian positions often require a bachelor’s degree and ten years of IT experience. Basic training for an SIA is 8.5 weeks.

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