6C0X1 Contracting

6C0X1 is an Air Force Contracting (AFSC) specialty. 6C0X1 specialists: Manage, perform, and administer contracting functions for commodities, services, and construction Prepare, negotiate, and award contracts to qualified vendors Evaluate vendor performances Solicit bids Prepare, process, award, and administer contractual documents Maintain records of obligations and bid deposits Provide contingency contracting support at stateside and deployed locations 6C0X1 specialists play a vital role in procuring goods and services for the United States Air Force. They provide support to the DAF, joint U.S., and allied forces. The 6C0X1 specialty involves: Soliciting bids Preparing, processing, awarding, and administering contractual documents Maintaining records of obligations and bid deposits Completing and verifying contracts The 6C0X1 specialty is two months long.

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