42 Adjutant General’s Corps

In the United States Army, the Adjutant General’s Corps (AG Corps) is responsible for managing human resources and personnel support functions. The AG Corps includes various Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) that cover a wide range of administrative and personnel-related duties. The specific MOS you mentioned, 42 Adjutant General’s Corps, is not a standard MOS designation. Instead, the AG Corps comprises several different MOSs that are responsible for different aspects of personnel and administrative support within the military.

Some of the common MOSs within the Adjutant General’s Corps include:

  1. 42A - Human Resources Specialist: These soldiers are responsible for personnel and administrative support, including maintaining personnel records, processing personnel actions, and providing customer service to soldiers and their families.

  2. 42F - Human Resources Information System Management Specialist: These specialists manage and maintain the Army’s human resources information systems, ensuring accurate and timely data management.

  3. 42S - Special Band Member: This MOS is for Army musicians who serve in various musical units and bands to provide musical support during military events and ceremonies.

  4. 42R - Musician: Similar to 42S, 42R is also a musician MOS, often involved in performing music in Army bands and musical units.

  5. 42L - Administrative Specialist: These soldiers perform general administrative duties, including managing records, processing documents, and providing clerical support.

  6. 42G - Postal Operations Specialist: Postal operations specialists handle mail and postal services for military installations, ensuring the secure and efficient delivery of mail to service members.

  7. 42H - Senior Personnel Sergeant: Senior personnel sergeants provide leadership and supervision in the personnel and administrative functions within units.

  8. 42M - Patient Administrative Specialist: These specialists work in military healthcare facilities and are responsible for managing patient records and administrative tasks related to healthcare services.

Each of these MOSs plays a crucial role in supporting the Army’s personnel and administrative functions, ensuring the well-being and readiness of service members. The specific duties and responsibilities may vary within each MOS, and soldiers in these roles may serve in a variety of settings, from headquarters and administrative offices to field operations and combat units.

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