3500 motor transport

Marine Corps MOS 3500 is a temporary basic MOS assigned to enlisted Marines in the motor transport occupational field. Marines with this MOS operate and maintain tactical and commercial vehicles. They also learn how to operate vehicles ranging from the 1-1/4 ton HMMWV (Humvee) to 22-1/2 ton combat versions of semi tractor-trailer rigs and JLTVs.

Marines with MOS 3500 also learn: Vehicle operator and maintenance procedures Personnel and operations management techniques Preparation of orders and directives Record keeping procedures

Marines with MOS 3500 are part of a team that operates and maintains one of the largest fleets of wheeled vehicles in the world. The Marines have height standards for Marines Motor T. The minimum height is 64 inches and the maximum height is 75 inches. Marines must also demonstrate normal color vision.

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