35 Military Intelligence

The Army 35 Series MOS is a list of Military Occupational Specialties (MOS) related to Military Intelligence (MI). The Army relies on MI for critical information on enemy forces. Army 35 Series MOS specialists have experience and education dealing with foreign cultures and languages.

Some examples of 35 Series MOS include: MOS 35D All Source Intelligence Officer MOS 35F Intel Analyst MOS 35G Imagery Analyst MOS 35H Common Ground Station Analyst MOS 35L Counter Intelligence Agent MOS 35M Human Intelligence Collector MOS 35N Signals Intelligence Analyst MOS 35P Cryptologic Linguist

Some 35 Series MOS specialists include: Intelligence Analyst (MOS 35F): Responsible for collecting, analyzing, securing, and dispensing critical and sensitive intelligence information.

All Source Intelligence (MOS 35D): Responsible for performing multidisciplinary collection of information.

Military Intelligence (MI) Systems Maintainer / Integrator: Maintain, test, and repair communications equipment.

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