79 Recruiting

MOS 79 refers to the Recruiting and Retention career field in the United States Army¹. This force is responsible for enlisting and retaining qualified men and women into the Regular Army (RA), the Army Reserve (AR), and the Army National Guard (ARNG). The mission of MOS 79 soldiers is to reach and/or maintain Army end-strength required for the RA, AR, and ARNG components.

Soldiers within MOS 79 use mentoring, counseling, and coaching to achieve recruiting and retention objectives. They must be Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) regarding career opportunities, incentives, entitlements, and community relations. These soldiers must demonstrate mental and physical discipline, live the Army Values, and embody the Warrior Ethos.

MOS 79 is a non-accession career field. Only self-motivated and competent Soldiers with strong leadership and interpersonal skills can perform these duties¹. Soldiers selected for assignment within MOS 79 receive assignments to RA, AR, or ARNG units.

In terms of career progression, Soldiers may enter MOS 79 at the rank of Sergeant (SGT) to Military Occupation Specialty (MOS) 79R. However, the Army Force Structure for MOS 79R (RA), 79S and 79T (Title 32) begins at Staff Sergeant (SSG). Force structure for MOS 79R (AGR), 79T (Title 10) and 79V begins at SFC.

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