3E2X1 Pavements and Construction Equipment

The 3E2X1 AFSC, known as Pavements and Construction Equipment operators, are essential to the construction and maintenance of airfield pavements, roads, and other infrastructure within Air Force installations globally. These specialists are skilled in operating heavy construction equipment, including loaders, graders, dozers, backhoes, and dump trucks, to build and maintain critical infrastructure necessary for operational readiness.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Construction and Maintenance: They are responsible for the construction and repair of concrete and asphalt runways, aircraft parking aprons, roads, and other paved areas, ensuring these structures can support military operations.
  • Equipment Operation: Operators are proficient in using heavy construction equipment to finish grade, level, slope, and compact construction materials. They also manage snow and ice removal when necessary.
  • Material Testing: Part of their duties includes taking samples of soil, aggregate, asphalt, and concrete for laboratory tests to ensure materials meet the required standards for construction projects.
  • Cost Estimation: They determine material and equipment requirements and prepare cost estimates for construction activities, planning efficiently to meet project goals.
  • Safety and Environmental Compliance: Ensuring compliance with all safety and environmental regulations is a critical part of their job to protect personnel and preserve the environment.

Training and Qualifications:

  • Tech School: A 69-day course at Ft Leonard Wood, MO, provides them with the foundational skills needed for their role.
  • Education: A high school diploma with courses in general science, shop mechanics, and the use of drawings is preferred to prepare for the technical aspects of the job.
  • Experience: Progression within the AFSC requires hands-on experience in operating construction equipment and performing construction tasks.

Specialty Qualifications:

  • Operators must have knowledge of construction equipment, soil types, paving techniques, safety, and environmental regulations.
  • They must be capable of interpreting construction drawings and surveys and have an understanding of erosion control, pavement maintenance, and demolition operations.

The role of a 3E2X1 specialist is vital not only for the day-to-day operations of Air Force bases but also for the long-term sustainability and readiness of the Air Force’s infrastructure. Their work ensures that airfields, roads, and other critical pavements are constructed and maintained to the highest standards, supporting the mission and safety of Air Force personnel and assets.

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