3F1X1 Services

Services personnel manage and direct Force Support programs, operations, and retail operations. They supervise appropriated fund (APF) food service activities; lodging activities; recreation, fitness, and sports programs; laundry operations; mortuary affairs programs; honor guard teams; protocol operations; missile alert facilities; and Force Support readiness programs. Additionally, they operate and supervise automated information management systems.

Tech School Duration and Location:

  • Tech School: 29 Days at Ft Lee, VA.
  • CCAF: Hospitality and Fitness Management.

Duty Badge:

  • Services Badge.


  • Male: 57.8%
  • Female: 42.2%


  • ASVAB: General - 24.
  • Strength: 50 lbs.
  • Ability to speak distinctly.
  • No prior convictions by courts-martial or civilian courts.
  • No record of disciplinary action for financial irresponsibility, shoplifting, larceny, petty larceny, or theft.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Manage Force Support operations including customer service, support programs, resource management, budgeting, facility requirements, and capital expenditures programs.
  • Conduct personal fitness training, develop individual and group exercise regimens, and maintain unit readiness program.
  • Inspect and evaluate Force Support activities, analyze accomplishments, ensure storage facilities are safeguarded, and evaluate contractor performance.
  • Operate fixed, bare base, missile alert, and portable food service facilities and equipment, plan menus, establish resale merchandise prices and inventory levels, monitor lodging quarters’ occupancy status, and supervise mortuary functions.
  • Establish and maintain mortuary case files, arrange for transporting and disposition of remains, and ensure mortuary entitlements, escorts, and military honors are arranged.

Specialty Qualifications:

  • Knowledge of accounting procedures, management principles, merchandising, marketing, customer service, automated information systems, food service facility operations, subsistence management, menu planning, lodging operations, fitness, sports, and recreation program development, personnel management, budgetary sources and processes, facility and equipment maintenance procedures, basic business administration concepts, retail operations, responsibilities for mortuary affairs and search and recovery procedures.
  • Education: Completion of high school with courses in business arithmetic, accounting, computers, physical education, and typing is desirable.
  • Training: Completion of the basic services course is mandatory.
  • Experience: Progression through different levels of experience involving qualification in previous AFSC and experience in various functions related to food service, lodging operations, fitness and sports programs, recreation operations, and services program management.

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