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The U.S. Navy is the second-largest air force in the world, with approximately 3,700 aircraft. The Navy’s aircraft are the most technologically advanced in the world.

They include: F-35C C-2 Greyhound SH-60 Seahawk F/A-18F Super Hornet C-40A Clipper V-22 Osprey

The Navy’s aircraft are used for: Attack, defense, and logistic support Controlling and maintaining aircraft systems Antisubmarine warfare and mine countermeasures Search and rescue operations Vertical replenishment missions

The Navy’s aircraft are based on warships and land bases. They are typically projected to a position nearer the target by way of an aircraft carrier.

The Navy is the third largest of the United States military service branches in terms of personnel. It has 336,978 personnel on active duty and 101,583 in the Ready Reserve. It also has 290 deployable combat vessels.

It is extremely hard to become a Navy pilot. Training can be one to two years depending on the vehicle of choice. Many Navy pilots earn a bachelor of science in any of the STEM fields.

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