The Seabees are the United States Navy’s Construction Battalions (CB). They are also known as the U.S. Naval Construction Force (NCF). The Seabees were established in 1942 to meet the Navy’s need to build bases, camps, and other structures during World War II. They have served in most major U.S. conflicts since then. Seabees are sailors who operate heavy equipment and build buildings. They are similar to civil engineers in other branches. They also function as ground troops. Seabees provide a wide range of construction in support of operating forces, including: Roads, Bridges, Bunkers, Airfields, Logistics bases. They also: Provide responsive support disaster recovery operations Perform civic action projects to improve relations with other nations Provide anti-terrorism The Seabees are affectionately called “Dirt Sailors”. They are trained to defend what they build. The Seabee nickname is a heterograph of the initial letters “CB” from the words “Construction Battalion”.

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