8F000 First Sergeant

8F000 is a special duty identifier (SDI) for First Sergeants in the military. First Sergeants are also known as “First Shirt”. They advise commanders on the readiness, health, morale, welfare, and quality of life of Airmen and families. First Sergeants provide a dedicated focal point for all readiness, health, morale, quality of life, and disciplinary issues within their organization of assignment. They are always on call to take care of any issues their members may have, whether they be military or personal. To become a First Sergeant, a master sergeant must: Attend the First Sergeant Academy within 12 months of assignment Be authorized grade MSgt (E-7) Have 3 years retainability prior to being placed in the 8F000 UMD position Full-time technicians will require an approved compatibility waiver prior to being placed in the 8F position Upon graduation, students are awarded the special duty identifier (SDI) 8F000 and authorized to wear the first sergeant chevron.

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